• How to Find the Best Vacuum Truck for You!

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    Vacuum trucks can be used in various industries. The large size allows for transport of different liquids, cement, or other products which are used on a daily basis for your business needs. No matter which industry you are in, if the use of vacuum trucks is something which you require in order to do your job, and need the trucks in order to perform normal business functions, many business owners are dissuaded by the price of these trucks. One option to consider if you do not want to pay the full price is to purchase these trucks used. Especially if they are not used heavily or not used on a regular basis for every job you do. Further, the use of the trucks being minimal, you can get by with vacuum trucks which have a few miles on them prior to being sold to you. If you are looking for high quality trucks, which have little use on them, few miles on them, and have been well maintained over the years, click here to find out where to buy and where to find great deals on the trucks you are going to use.

    Visit this site in order to begin your search for the best used vacuum trucks. Not only will this site lead you to the places to go if you want to find the best price, but will also help you to find the trucks which have fewer miles on them, and have been well maintained, You can find great deals when you compare pricing prior to buying. And, by visiting a few sites, comparing a few dealers, and looking for the best options, you will find the trucks which are going to perform well, and will give you several years of use out of them as well.

  • Boom Trucks – What Are They?

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    Boom trucks are vehicles that have an extendable boom mounted to the roof or the bed. They are usually used to lift workers to the top of electrical poles, high roof line among other high surfaces. These trucks can lift a capacity of up to 1500 pounds and can also extend the bucket to a height of up to 34 feet in the air. Some boom trucks have a crane at the rear that is used to lift heavy items that have onto the bed. The cranes can be compact or short and this is referred to as a knuckle boom. On the other hand some cranes extend the length of the truck bed and are referred to as trolley boom. Click here www.wise geek.com/what-is-a-boom-truck.htm to learn more about the boom trucks.

    Concrete boom trucks are also available in the market. The booms on these vehicles have a pipe which has a nozzle at the end and are mainly used to pump concrete among other materials into the areas that are inaccessible to the truck in addition to places that are located at considerably high heights. It is extended 2310 meters through which material can be pumped from the vehicle into the required destination. Visit this website for more information on boom trucks.

    The boom trucks are used by firefighters in order to help them access even the high levels of the buildings. These trucks have a long bucket boom which is designed for the purpose of raising the firefighters so that they can direct water into the fire flames as well as rescue the people who may be trapped in the houses. There are small propelled boom trucks that are available for manufacturing facilities as well as warehouses. These trucks are small in size and are used to lift workers to the ceiling of a building or to the upper storage areas. In conclusion, boom tucks are cost effective lifting solutions for those who require to get to high areas. Go online to learn more about boom trucks.

  • Top Quality Bucket Trucks for Sale

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    We are specialized in being your largest inventory for all your bucket trucks needs. We do offer wide array of options of bucket trucks for our clients to choose from. Click here to view the listings and deals on bucket trucks that we have availed for you. We stock both the latest and traditional models of buckets trucks to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We do obtain our trucks for renowned international truck manufacturers and that what we sell is quality stuff. We are fully licensed, accredited and also insured to offer comprehensive range of bucket trucks for both local and global buyers.

    Feel free to go online and buy bucket truck directly from us and get the best value for your money. We never involve any middle salesmen and that we ensure you get the smooth experience while shopping from us. Shopping with us is exhilarating, fun and enjoyable by offering special auctions and special offers to you. Quality customer satisfaction is always ahead in all the services that we offer.

    Our inventory is updated on a regular basis. We pride to be the world’s largest and most trusted auctioneer for top quality bucket trucks. Apart from Bucket trucks, we also avail digger derrick and crane trucks among many other automobiles. We are reliable, convenient to shop with and more so flexible. Feel free to visit us or call for free consultation. We are available 24 hours a day. Click here submit your query on bucket trucks. We are prompt in acting on all the orders you place with us.

  • Service Trucks Brands, Types and Uses

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    There are different types of service trucks such as dump truck, crane truck, fire truck, delivery truck, concrete transport truck, box truck, heavy hauler and more. Each one of these trucks is useful on variety of field like in construction, towing and moving items. In case you will need them for your personal purpose, there is as company that dispatch trucks for rental while if you think you need it for a long period of time you may actually go to a truck dealer company. Among the most popular brands of trucks are holley, leer, weather guard, tracrac, westin, weathertech, magnaflow, extang, volvo, freightliner, isuzu and kentworth. Make sure you opt for these types to guarantee high performance and quality parts. To know more details about each brand, you may visit this website.

    If you are planning to renovate your home which will require heavy materials like hallow blocks, strong woods, cement, rocks and sand you need a service truck. You are lucky if you bought all those items with free delivery but somehow other hardware stores doesn’t offer it. If you are one of on the unfortunate customers, you will surely end up leasing a truck for the delivery of all the construction materials you bought. The service contracts may last for few days depending on the amount of load the truck will carry. If you want shorter delivery period of time, look for a huge service truck by clicking here.

    For those who want to transfer their home appliance and equipment to another place, box service truck is the most appropriate to use. It has closed door secured for your valuables and often appears as medium sized vehicle. This type of truck can also be for rent or sale depending on the company. Go online to know the capacity of a box service truck.

    When a car suddenly strikes in the middle of the road where the town is still far, towing is the best service to avail. A towing truck will be on your area in the sooner possible time to rescue your vehicle and you. Read here to see why tow trucks are also important during car accidents.

  • What You Need to Know About Vacuum Trucks

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    Vacuum trucks are trucks designed to carry liquid and semi solid materials. Vacuum comes also come with suction lines systems that enable them to suck and carry these contents. The most common types of vacuum trucks in our neighborhoods are the sewer suckers. In essence, manufacturing companies as well as local authorities mostly use vacuum trucks. You can visit this website and find out other functions carried out by the vacuum trucks.

    It is quite rare to find an individual owning a vacuum truck. This is largely due to their functions. However, well-established companies that hire vacuum trucks exist. You can visit this website and get a list of some of the private companies that offer vacuum trucks for hire. In addition, you can click here and find out some of the terms and conditions required to hire a vacuum truck.

    Due to the varied nature of their functions, one can easily get confused when looking for the right model of a vacuum truck. However, you can get the right information when you visit this website. Herein, you will find detailed information regarding different types of vacuum trucks and their functions. In addition, you will learn basic concepts on how to operate the vacuum trucks.

    If you are planning to own vacuum trucks for hire, you can start by getting in touch with the right dealers. You can click here and find out some of the vacuum truck dealers within your region. In addition, you can also read here and find out the legal requirements that come with vacuum trucks.

    Truck safety is a major factor when looking for vacuum trucks. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that you understand the environmental regulations that permit the usage of the vacuum trucks within your region. As such, ensure that you have professional drivers and operators who have adequate knowledge in truck driving.

  • Pumper Trucks : A Perfect Alternative for Transporting Fuel and Other Precious Liquids

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    Highly versatile and designed to serve multiple industries at one go, pumper trucks simplify the removal or the delivery of liquid substances. Regardless of whether you are looking to transfer frac water from a mining site, move septic waste from a sewer or even transfer chemicals to an industrial area these trucks stand to make your work not lonely easier but also safer. Interesting thing is, when properly outfitted, these same trucks which are normally being used for suction of materials can also be used for the delivery of fuel as well. This in turn serves to help significantly reduce the need for employing the use of large fuel tankers as a result making it possible for small and medium sized companies to also engage in fuel delivery services.

    As much as fuel is mostly delivered over long distances and in very easy to recognize large tankers designed to hold thousands of gallons of liquid, delivery for fairly small operations such as homes and businesses, small airstrips or even boat docks is most effective when done using smaller vehicles such as pumper trucks. The good thing about the smaller version of these type of trucks is the fact that besides being portable, they are equally efficient especially for lower volume deliveries such as in the above mentioned cases. What’s more, the smaller versions are easy to purchase and very easy to maintain.

    From the above, it is clearly evident that any business that is looking to expand its services and particularly indeed of increasing its fleet of vehicles should seriously consider taking advantage of the provisions of pumper trucks in order to be able to meet already set goals. Take note, as long as the required equipment is installed and all necessary safety precautions are closely monitored these trucks stand to provide several years of excellent service marked by very few injuries to workers or damage to any property if any. For more details about these trucks feel free to go online and carry out an independent research.

  • Looking to Buy or Sell a Used Septic Truck?

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    Maybe you are looking to start your own business or add capacity to one already functioning. Maybe you are going to a larger model and need to unload a smaller truck.

    A used septic truck can be a great investment and save you tons of money when compared to new trucks. The following article should help you keep a few in finding one to suit your needs.

    If you go online you can find several sites dedicated to commercial trucks, new and used, and used septic trucks in particular. This can be a good way to either buy or sell a used truck, depending on your needs.

    Click here to go to one such site, septictrucks.com. They offer a wide variety of new and used septic trucks in many sizes, from 2500 gallons to 5000 gallons. They also offer shipping and financing which means that getting your truck is easier than you might have imagined. They also have a blog on their site with many interesting articles on septic trucks and issues concerning the industry.

    Visit this website as another alternative for buying or selling used septic trucks. They have a surprisingly large number of trucks available in various sizes and representing the major brands in the business such as Freightliner, Kenworth, International and Mack.

    There are many aspects to consider when evaluating a used septic truck besides just size, although, of course, size matters!

    You’ll want to consider engine size since this will directly influence both costs (fuel) as well as speed and efficiency. Then there’s the transmission to consider as well. The overall vehicle weight should not be overlooked nor should the axle weight-bearing capacity and load distribution all of which influence the maneuverability and stability of the truck.

    Lastly, and maybe most obviously, you need to consider the wear and tear on the truck. What year was it manufactured? How many miles does it have? How well was it maintained? All of these will directly impact the purchase cost as well as the total cost of ownership over time.

  • Fuel/Lube Trucks for Any Job

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    The trucking industry is constantly changing as specific policies are set in place to make this industry safer, and better for the environment. This article has a special focus on fuel/lube trucks. Click here to see what this company has to offer for a full line of lube trucks that meet requirements to ensure every job continues to flow efficiently. These fuel/lube trucks are maintenance vehicles designed to transport fuel, lubricants, or other types of maintenance equipment to job sites. You can find most of these trucks used or new on this website. These construction trucks are fully customizable, and have a wide range of use in the fields of construction, mining, or commercial service fleets.

    Most of these trucks are hydraulically driven systems that have a capacity to hold from 600 to 5,300 gallons of product. Each truck serves a different purpose, so be sure to have all the details of your project when you’re are ready to start shopping around. Trucking websites will offer you a line of fuel/lube trucks that meet any job requirement:

    • Large lube trucks are typically used for oil deliveries, or oil retrieval.
    • Lube trucks without fuel can be used to dispense anti-freeze, grease, and salvage systems.
    • Enclosed lube trucks are designed with insulated Styrofoam, and fiberglass, and then covered with plywood for safety. These trucks can be configured with varying cubic feet of compartment storage.
    • Medium sized lube trucks carry around 1,000 gallons of product
    • Mining lube trucks are used to bring large volumes of fuel or service lubricant into work fields that frequently operate construction vehicles.

    Each company’s trucks will vary greatly on the size of the tanks, so be sure to qualify each vehicle to meet the needs of any project you have. Visit this website to get all the information you need to find the piece of equipment that meets your work requirement. These trucks best serve client’s who are looking for a quality delivery with innovative design features.

  • Finding Inexpensive Septic Trucks

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    Finding inexpensive septic trucks can feel like a task that can never be fulfilled. However, there are simple guidelines a person can follow in order to find these types of trucks. Click here to learn the best ways to find these trucks.

    One of the best ways would be to visit a city sale. This city sale is usually hosted by some type of municipality. These sales usually happen right in the city, and the trucks that are sold are trucks the city is not using anymore or trucks that the city has possessed from a business not paying taxes. The city does not want these trucks on any of their lots, so they usually sell them for the first price they get, which can turn out to be a great thing.

    Visit this website to find out more key guidelines to finding inexpensive septic trucks.

    Another place to find these trucks would be industrial businesses. Every city has these type of businesses, and all of the businesses are downsizing because of the economy. With that being said, these businesses will be selling these trucks at a great price, and these businesses have the best trucks, too.

    A person can also go online to find these types of trucks. Searching for inexpensive septic trucks will lead people to many websites that sell these trucks. All of these websites should be compared by ratings and reviews, and all of these websites should be compared by price, too. Many people have had success by visiting no more than three websites concerning these trucks.

    Click here to learn so much more about finding these trucks as inexpensive as possible. Every person has the opportunity to find these trucks at a great price.
    Furthermore, visit this website to locate septic truck dealers in you area.

  • Finding The Best Used Vacuum Truck

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    There are several things that you need to consider when looking for a used vacuum truck. Even when you are in a hurry, it always is good to give attention to some details because there is nothing that you will gain when you rush and end up with the wring ones. Unfortunately, there are people who do not even understand the importance of this. They are the ones who just go for any truck that they find without bothering to know how suitable it is. According to most consultants, you are likely to find yourself in deep problems if you do this. You can read more by clicking here.

    One thing that you should do is to understand the specific purpose for which you need a used vacuum truck. These trucks can be used for a wide variety of tasks. For instance, there are projects that are big while others are smaller. This means that what is required in your own situation may not be the same thing that other people are looking for. You therefore should take some time and examine your needs before you go ahead to buy or hire anything.

    Another important aspect to consider when it comes to a used vacuum truck is the condition. Even though it is a used one, it should be in a good condition. The fact that you are working on a smaller budget that does not allow you to go for the bigger options does not mean that you should just pick anything you find. However, it is good to note that there are companies that have very good used trucks. All that you need to do is find one that suits you.

  • All You Need for Buying a Bucket Truck

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    Bucket trucks are commonly used in industries where employees need to relocate to accommodate for adverse or heavy moving working situation. They are used by the workers to move up and down by way of crane in order to work on things positioned high on poles and other high objects. They come in different sizes that are equipped with different type of utilities. The designs come in jacks and storage bin in order to have stability while working. If you are looking for a specific bucket truck, click here to see Judson Sutherland’s truck inventory!

    What to look for when buying the truck

    Before you make a transaction, remember that they are operated hydraulically, so you should make sure the system is working. Check if the truck can be operated safely under any condition you can use it for.


    The trucks are regulated under OSHA . These are standard guidelines that are used for safety by those working with the trucks. If the truck is not operated well serious injuries could occur. That’s why they are typically regulated than any other type of truck.

    Types of bucket truck:

    1. Versalift

    It has a single lifting platform which extends out from the back, his platform can be used to lift workers or materials off the ground to a roof top space.

    1. Cherry picker

    This is a single person enclosure and can be extended up using a motorized arm system. The largest truck can lift workers up several stories and begin working. These trucks are commonly used by repairmen or window cleaners who work on the outsides walls of buildings.

    1. Boom Trucks

    They are commonly used in construction sites and landscaping situations to provide leverage when needed. They have large arm designed to counterbalance other objects and materials in use by extending to the side.

    1. Digger Derrick

    It is drives a bit on the ground in order to dig precisely. It is used in large areas that need to be excavated instead of employing people who might take a lot of time and money to complete.

    Bucket trucks are one of the best trucks used by industries. With the large range of features and sizes, they allow workers to work more safely and effectively as long as they are well trained. Visit our friends at capcosales.com to see their full inventory!

  • Tips For Buying Used Septic Trucks

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    Environmental cleanliness has become a major requirement across the globe. One of the main ways of promoting eco-friendliness is through proper handling of septic waste. There are many companies being created specifically for septic maintenance and pumping in different regions. Septic maintenance or pumping is a procedure that requires emptying full septic tanks and proper handling the septic waste. For such a procedure to be a complete success, septic trucks come in handy,

    Septic trucks are carefully designed to promote septic pumping and storage without wear and tear. New companies that provide septic pumping might not have enough resources to purchase completely new trucks. Therefore, used septic trucks come in handy. Before purchasing any used septic trucks, you should use the following tips to make the purchase effortless.

    The tank capacity

    During the process of septic pumping, septic waste is pumped from the septic tank in a property to the tank on the back of a septic truck. Most people might assume that a used septic truck with a bigger tank is better than a smaller one. However, this is not the case since the large the tank, the harder the pump works to fill in the vacuum. The tank and the pump should work properly together for the septic pumping process to be successful. Therefore, before purchasing any used septic trucks, it’s important to check for any discrepancies between the size of the tank and pump.

    Wear and tear

    Naturally, septic trucks are made from tough metals that can withstand septic waste. Therefore, before any purchases of used septic trucks are made, it’s important to check the material used to make the tank on the septic truck. Also, inspections should be conducted to determine how far the wear and tear process has reached.
    Finding used septic trucks is an effortless procedure. Go online and search for different websites with septic trucks at cheap and affordable rates.

  • Flatbed Tow Truck

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    Take a look at this flatbed tow truck loading a truck. Kind of a long video, but it’s a good demonstration!

    Video by Matt Gutierrez on YouTube

  • Improved Bucket Truck Safety Can Increase Productivity in a Snap!

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    Operating a bucket truck requires the user to be extra careful for good results to be realized. It is very important to observe safety during operation of these trucks as accidents might turn out to be very dangerous to workers. It is thus advisable to adopt a proactive approach to this whole situation to avert all possibilities of accidents that can be avoided. There are various things that one needs to know about the trucks and the how it works and what is required of all those operating it. This will help making good decisions during various stages of the job to ensure the right thing is always done.

    The first safety measure is for all operators of the truck to be qualified in whatever part of the job they are doing and the members have to be alert at the work place in case of anything. Being alert comes with certain qualities as being healthy and sober to be able to act fast whenever drastic decisions are to be made. It is thus good to get medical guide on whether one should go to work or not before using the bucket truck. Accidents associated with the trucks are usually very dangerous and many have led to death hence the need to be cautious.

    Another thing that one ought to do is be well versed with all the rules of the job. Be sure to go by all the rules to ensure all safety measures are adhered to during the job. Following rules has been a major approach to safety at work over the years and many lives have been saved. It is good to ensure that all the rules are well-understood for one to realize their importance in the job place. However long it may take, it is because life is at stake in this job and all has to be done to ensure it is not lost.

    It is also good to know all the equipment being used in the job and how they are operated. Make sure that all machines are used for the right job all the time to avoid accidents and damages that could have been avoided. One can learn this by asking experts and going through manuals from manufacturers. It is also good to know all the safety options such as escape points and being well protected during the job time. One should wear all the safety gear for their own benefit and these include helmets, gloves, goggles, overalls, safety harnesses and being connected to lifelines where possible.

    Observation of safety measures has made it easy for workers to successfully complete very complex projects all the time. The probability of productivity is usually very high when a worker feels safe even in dangerous places. A peaceful mind gets to focus better than one that is preoccupied by thoughts of accidents all the time. The next time one gets to the workplace, they ought to consider all the above for result-oriented use of a bucket truck.

    Safety is the #1 more important thing when you are operating any of these trucks. For more information about bucket trucks and how you can stay safe, visit my friends over at www.centraltrucksales.net

  • How to Add Tire Chains

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    Hey there – here’s another great video. This one’s about adding tire chains to a commercial truck. Hope it helps!

    Video by Ministry of TranBC on YouTube

  • Welcome to my Blog!

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    Hey guys! Welcome to my new blog. I’m a trucker and like to share my knowledge of safety and anything about trucks really. I found this great video about making right turns in a truck – which you know is no easy task. Check it out!

    Video by Bob Holtzman on YouTube

    For more information on truck safety and regulations, check out this article

    Stay tuned for more!