• All You Need for Buying a Bucket Truck

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    Bucket trucks are commonly used in industries where employees need to relocate to accommodate for adverse or heavy moving working situation. They are used by the workers to move up and down by way of crane in order to work on things positioned high on poles and other high objects. They come in different sizes that are equipped with different type of utilities. The designs come in jacks and storage bin in order to have stability while working. If you are looking for a specific bucket truck, click here to see Judson Sutherland’s truck inventory!

    What to look for when buying the truck

    Before you make a transaction, remember that they are operated hydraulically, so you should make sure the system is working. Check if the truck can be operated safely under any condition you can use it for.


    The trucks are regulated under OSHA . These are standard guidelines that are used for safety by those working with the trucks. If the truck is not operated well serious injuries could occur. That’s why they are typically regulated than any other type of truck.

    Types of bucket truck:

    1. Versalift

    It has a single lifting platform which extends out from the back, his platform can be used to lift workers or materials off the ground to a roof top space.

    1. Cherry picker

    This is a single person enclosure and can be extended up using a motorized arm system. The largest truck can lift workers up several stories and begin working. These trucks are commonly used by repairmen or window cleaners who work on the outsides walls of buildings.

    1. Boom Trucks

    They are commonly used in construction sites and landscaping situations to provide leverage when needed. They have large arm designed to counterbalance other objects and materials in use by extending to the side.

    1. Digger Derrick

    It is drives a bit on the ground in order to dig precisely. It is used in large areas that need to be excavated instead of employing people who might take a lot of time and money to complete.

    Bucket trucks are one of the best trucks used by industries. With the large range of features and sizes, they allow workers to work more safely and effectively as long as they are well trained. Visit our friends at capcosales.com to see their full inventory!

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