• Boom Trucks – What Are They?

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    Boom trucks are vehicles that have an extendable boom mounted to the roof or the bed. They are usually used to lift workers to the top of electrical poles, high roof line among other high surfaces. These trucks can lift a capacity of up to 1500 pounds and can also extend the bucket to a height of up to 34 feet in the air. Some boom trucks have a crane at the rear that is used to lift heavy items that have onto the bed. The cranes can be compact or short and this is referred to as a knuckle boom. On the other hand some cranes extend the length of the truck bed and are referred to as trolley boom. Click here www.wise geek.com/what-is-a-boom-truck.htm to learn more about the boom trucks.

    Concrete boom trucks are also available in the market. The booms on these vehicles have a pipe which has a nozzle at the end and are mainly used to pump concrete among other materials into the areas that are inaccessible to the truck in addition to places that are located at considerably high heights. It is extended 2310 meters through which material can be pumped from the vehicle into the required destination. Visit this website for more information on boom trucks.

    The boom trucks are used by firefighters in order to help them access even the high levels of the buildings. These trucks have a long bucket boom which is designed for the purpose of raising the firefighters so that they can direct water into the fire flames as well as rescue the people who may be trapped in the houses. There are small propelled boom trucks that are available for manufacturing facilities as well as warehouses. These trucks are small in size and are used to lift workers to the ceiling of a building or to the upper storage areas. In conclusion, boom tucks are cost effective lifting solutions for those who require to get to high areas. Go online to learn more about boom trucks.

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