• The Power and Versatility of Knuckle Boom Trucks

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    There are cars, then there are trucks. Finally, there are knuckleboom trucks with hydraulic, articulated cranes mounted directly to the truck frame. Other types of cranes are not as efficient and can’t match the extension power of a knuckleboom truck with compact design and better control.  With most cranes, you have to deal with a bulky truck at all times, but with this gem, the crane tucks away to make a lower profile that makes for easier storage.

    Go online to see the efficiency of design allows the truck to operate well even though it weighs much less than other crane vehicles. This gives the added benefit of lowering the requirements for drivers and allowing the vehicle to operate on roads with strict load restrictions.

    When you visit this site, you can find out what features are available for knuckleboom trucks. Each business has its own needs and when you ask an expert, you can get help customizing your hauling and lifting solutions.

    You can read more about a knuckle boom crane series and find out if you want a smaller, compact version or a larger, performance version of the vehicle. For example, the larger vehicles with extensive outreach are able to do work that allows for tight control so that a job can be performed with safety and efficiency even when the load is extremely heavy. By providing appropriate equipment, a team of workers can achieve greater success and greater safety for every job.

    Lightweight and compact knuckleboom trucks have limited lifting power, but are optimized to provide a great deal of lifting power compared with the size of the truck. Click here to find out if this is the right choice for you. By reviewing the maximum weights for each truck and assessing your own needs, you may find that a compact truck goes above and beyond your requirements.