• Fuel/Lube Trucks for Any Job

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    The trucking industry is constantly changing as specific policies are set in place to make this industry safer, and better for the environment. This article has a special focus on fuel/lube trucks. Click here to see what this company has to offer for a full line of lube trucks that meet requirements to ensure every job continues to flow efficiently. These fuel/lube trucks are maintenance vehicles designed to transport fuel, lubricants, or other types of maintenance equipment to job sites. You can find most of these trucks used or new on this website. These construction trucks are fully customizable, and have a wide range of use in the fields of construction, mining, or commercial service fleets.

    Most of these trucks are hydraulically driven systems that have a capacity to hold from 600 to 5,300 gallons of product. Each truck serves a different purpose, so be sure to have all the details of your project when you’re are ready to start shopping around. Trucking websites will offer you a line of fuel/lube trucks that meet any job requirement:

    • Large lube trucks are typically used for oil deliveries, or oil retrieval.
    • Lube trucks without fuel can be used to dispense anti-freeze, grease, and salvage systems.
    • Enclosed lube trucks are designed with insulated Styrofoam, and fiberglass, and then covered with plywood for safety. These trucks can be configured with varying cubic feet of compartment storage.
    • Medium sized lube trucks carry around 1,000 gallons of product
    • Mining lube trucks are used to bring large volumes of fuel or service lubricant into work fields that frequently operate construction vehicles.

    Each company’s trucks will vary greatly on the size of the tanks, so be sure to qualify each vehicle to meet the needs of any project you have. Visit this website to get all the information you need to find the piece of equipment that meets your work requirement. These trucks best serve client’s who are looking for a quality delivery with innovative design features.

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